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Your Guide to Choosing a Heating System for Your Home in Easely, SC

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The HVAC market is booming with a wide range of heating systems, making it hard to know the best. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a new heating system in Easely, SC. Read on to learn how to choose a new heating system for your home.

Heating System Options

To know the type of heating system best for your home, it’s essential to know all the available options. Many people are aware of gas furnaces, but that’s not the only option in the market.

A furnace is a type of central heating. It uses natural oil or gas to heat air that it later distributes to your entire house using metal vents and ducts.

The ductless system doesn’t supply air through registers and ducts. But each room has a wall-mounted handler. The system uses refrigerant to draw outside heat and deliver warm heat indoors.

A boiler uses hot water to generate heat. When the water cools down, the boiler reheats it through a process known as hydronic heating. The system distributes the hot water in your entire home using radiators to make your home comfortable.

The heat pump works like a ductless system. It draws heat from external sources like underground or outside air, uses an air handler to cycle it, and distributes it to your entire home through forced air.


Budget is another factor to consider when choosing a heating system as some systems are costlier than others. The initial cost isn’t the only thing to consider; you should also think about monthly electric or fuel costs.

Upfront Investment

If you’re thinking of going for a solar-zoned heating system, you may not be thinking about the initial cost. Before choosing a new heating system for your home, come up with a price range that you are okay with and try sticking to it.

Unit Compatibility

When choosing a new heating system, it’s essential to find a compatible one for your home and the existing distribution system. Unless you’re doing an entire system replacement, you should consider this factor.

If you have a heating system connected to ductwork and you desire to use it, you should find a compatible heating unit for the duct system. Also, if you want to install a ductless unit, its distribution system will be different. Talk to a professional service technician about compatible systems with your home and the type of adjustments you can make.

Professional Installation

You expect perfect performance and high efficacy when you purchase a new heating system for your home. Unfortunately, most professionals don’t install the heating systems properly.

The improper installation makes the heating systems not perform to their desired efficiency, thus reducing their performance. Getting a professional furnace installation and sizing is vital if you’re looking for enhanced comfort, proper humidification and low utility bills.

A heating system that’s not installed or sized well may lead to high energy bills, uneven heating, frequent on and off cycling, overworking and more repairs and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

All heating systems have their rated levels of efficiency that the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) measures. AFUE calculates the fuel percentage that heats your home. The higher the AFUE number, the higher the system’s energy efficiency.

It’s essential to consider the long-term cost of fuel when shopping for your new heating system. While the fuel cost varies, some sources of fuel also oscillate more than other sources. Get professional advice on the rated level of efficiency and also the long-term cost of maintenance.

When a furnace is more than 20 years old, its efficiency level is low and significantly degrades with every use. You can expect a good return on your investment when you install a new efficient condensing heating system. You can also gain more savings by choosing a variable speed system.

Choosing a new heater for your home has significant benefits to you and your household. Consider the above factors to get the best option available in the market. Contact McGee Heating & Air Inc. for all your HVAC maintenance services.

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