Heat pumps turning on and off all the time isn’t normal. If you experience this, you could have a costly problem on the horizon for your heat pump in Elberton, GA. Here are the most common reasons heat pumps cycle on and off all the time:

Air Filter Clog

The air filter inside your system filters particles in the air that can damage the coils and reduce efficiency. Filtering dust and debris in the ductwork is essential to maintaining your system. Change your heat pump’s filter every 30-90 days. If you smoke or have pets, change it every month.

Thermostat Error

An inaccurate thermostat reading can cause heat pumps to cycle on and off. The location of the thermostat is also a factor. Placing it too close to a heat source will cause the temperature to fluctuate and the heat pump to short-cycle.

A faulty connection in the thermostat is another common problem that can lead to short-cycling. Ensuring that the wires and terminals are clean, secure and free of any possible short circuits is important to avoid short-cycling.

Leaky Refrigerant Lines

High temperatures can cause the refrigerant lines to leak. If this happens, you’ll notice your system constantly turning on and off.

The leaky refrigerant lines will prevent the system’s compressor from running constantly. Instead, it’ll run intermittently, which is why your heat pump keeps turning on and off.

Oversized Unit

A poor estimate of your system by the contractor or installer can cause an improper fit. An oversized unit will cool down your home before the start of the workday, causing it to turn on throughout the day. If your system doesn’t cycle off at night, it may run for an extended period and wear out faster than necessary.

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