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4 Signs You Have a Bad Blower Motor in Hartwell, GA

Repairing Furnace Blower Motor

The furnace blower motor is integral for controlling the climate in your Hartwell, GA, home because it facilitates air circulation. When the blower motor fails, the furnace cannot do its job, so you want to be on the lookout for signs of failure. Here are four signs that your furnace blower motor is going bad:

Reduced or Nonexistent Airflow

Reduced or nonexistent airflow from all the vents in your home is a sure sign of a blower failure. Dust and debris may have clogged the blower, or you may have a failing capacitor.

Blower Motor Makes Loud Noises

If you hear loud noises while the blower is running, such as screeching or squealing, there are likely problems with the belt or bearings. If you hear banging sounds, this is usually due to misaligned or broken blades.

Turn off your furnace and immediately call an HVAC technician service for furnace repair upon hearing these noises. Continuing to run your furnace will cause more damage to your blower motor and surrounding components.

Burning Smell That Won’t Cease

It’s one thing to detect a burning smell upon first turning on your furnace after the cooling season. However, you should never ignore a lingering burning odor.

Your blower motor could be overheating, or there may be an electrical issue. Don’t continue to run your furnace when there’s a lingering burning smell because you risk causing a fire.

Frequent System Shutdowns

Frequent furnace shutdowns mean your blower is working harder than necessary. A considerable buildup of dirt and debris could be the culprit. Scheduling regular heating maintenance can prevent this problem. Although early winter is the best time, it’s never too late to do so.

A bad furnace blower doesn’t have to ruin your comfort. Contact McGee Heating & Air Inc. for our first-rate heating services straight away.

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