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5 Reasons You Need to Control Humidity Levels in Your Home in Athens, GA

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Nobody likes living in a moist environment. Unfortunately, humidity levels don’t get the proper attention they deserve most of the time. This is why you should control the humidity levels in your Athens, GA, home.

Prevents Condensation on Windows

If you’ve ever had a window with condensation, you know how unpleasant it can be. It’s an aesthetic issue, and it also means that the temperature inside your home is colder than the temperature outside. Using a dehumidifier can help you reduce the moisture levels in your home.

Prevents Damage to Your Home’s Structure and Content

Exposure to high humidity for long periods damages many materials. For example, wood window frames can buckle if you expose them to high moisture levels over time, causing them to bow outwards. This makes them difficult to repair without replacing all windows at once.

Protects Your Electronics

Moisture can cause corrosion on the motherboard in electronics, leading to short circuits and data loss. Also, if you expose items that use microchips to too much moisture, they may start generating sparks or have issues with power consumption.

Makes You Feel Better

High humidity levels make it harder for your body to cool down naturally through perspiration. When you sweat less, it’s harder for your body to maintain its temperature properly. This can lead to dehydration and overheating, so investing in a dehumidifier will improve your indoor air quality.

Helps Lower Energy Bills

Humidity causes your air conditioning system to work harder. The more humid the air, the more energy it takes for your AC unit to remove moisture and keep things cool. Controlling it can help you save on energy costs.

Although many people overlook humidity in their homes, it can be destructive if you don’t handle it effectively. It’s easy by installing dehumidifiers in your home. Contact McGee Heating & Air Inc. today for more information on installing air conditioners and tackling humidity in your Athens, GA, home.

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