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Making Sure You Have the Right Whole-Home Generator in Hartwell, GA

Whole-Home Generator

It’s hard to predict power outages, and the problem is that they happen year-round. Keeping the power on at your home in Hartwell, GA, is essential for protecting your perishables, appliances and belongings. Installing a backup whole-home generator is a great way to keep your power going during outages. But what do you consider to ensure you get the right one?

Power Source

Whole-home generators don’t rely on electricity, so you should figure out what kind of fuel you’ll be using. Most backup generator models run on propane, natural gas or gasoline.

Determining your power source is a significant aspect to consider even before you choose a backup generator. As a rule of thumb, you should choose the most economic-friendly source of power.

Power Priorities

Almost every appliance in your home relies on electricity to function. But in case you lose power, what equipment do you want to keep running? You may want to power your whole home or just ensure your phone can charge and your refrigerator keeps food cold.

Your power needs should be a guide when choosing the right whole-home generator. The right generator will enable all your appliances to run seamlessly with minimal power strains.


Your power generator plays a significant role in keeping your home running even after power outages. So like other appliances working to keep your home comfortable and safe, your generator will require regular maintenance. Find a professional to schedule a routine maintenance plan to ensure your backup generator is working efficiently.

Call McGee Heating & Air Inc. today for all your backup generator needs. Our experienced service technicians have the right expertise to install and maintain your home generator. We understand that people have different needs, so we strive to provide customized services to keep your home running safely during power outages.

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