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Keep an Eye Out for These 3 Heat Pump Problems in Hartwell, GA

Heat Pump

You depend on your heat pump to warm and cool your home in Hartwell, GA. But like any other machine, it could fail to function properly. The following are three common heat pump problems that homeowners face, especially if they haven’t scheduled maintenance in a long time:

Air Doesn’t Feel Warm or Cool

If your heat pump blows out air that’s not as warm or cool as you’d like, the trouble may lie with the system’s heat exchanger or coils. During the cooling season, dirt and debris may prevent the indoor coil from absorbing the heat in your home and dispersing it outdoors. Low refrigerant levels can lead to the same issue.

Your heat pump shouldn’t take forever to cool your house. Long cycles often go hand in hand with lukewarm cooling, so watch out for them.

Cycling Issues

Unusually, short cycles should raise a red flag as well. Note that heat pumps typically cycle two to three times in an hour, each cycle lasting approximately 10 minutes. Continual short cycles may result from a malfunctioning blower or a dirty filter.

Failure to Heat or Cool Certain Rooms

Uneven heating or cooling usually stems from leaks in the air vents. With professional HVAC maintenance, you could have these leaks taken care of right away. Otherwise, they will continue to waste the energy that your heat pump generates.

Don’t ignore your HVAC system and expect it to work efficiently. If you notice any of these issues in your home in Hartwell, call McGee Heating & Air Inc. to schedule an HVAC repair service. Our NATE-certified service technicians can service any make or model of ductless and geothermal heat pumps. We’re here to help you stay warm in winter and cool in summer for the lowest price possible. That’s a promise.

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