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The Importance of Controlling Home Humidity in Easley, SC

Enjoying Good Home Humidity

Humidity is a concern when it impacts the comfort levels in your Easley, SC, home. Both high and low humidity levels in your home are bad. Here are some reasons you should take the humidity levels in your home more seriously:

What’s Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air measured by a hygrometer. Indoor relative humidity is ideal between 30% and 50%. Aside from removing heat from your home, your air conditioner also removes some humidity.

Issues With Low Humidity

If your home has humidity levels that are too low, it causes problems for both you and your home. Static electricity builds up, wallpaper starts peeling and low humidity harms wood furniture. As for your health, low humidity causes nosebleeds, dry skin, increased vulnerability to infections, illnesses and more.

Issues With High Humidity

High humidity causes problems in the spring and summer beyond discomfort. It impedes the body’s ability to regulate body temperature and cool down, which leads to dehydration and heatstroke. It can also lead to cardiovascular and respiratory issues and aggravates cardiovascular and respiratory issues already present.

High humidity allows bacteria to thrive, which also affects your indoor air quality and health. High humidity also increases condensation in your walls, which leads to structural weakening and damage. Higher levels of moisture in the home also attract pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and earwigs.

How to Control Humidity

Having adequate home ventilation and a dehumidifier are ways to control humidity and comfort levels within your home. Our EdHUM70V Venting Dehumidifier is both a ventilator and dehumidifier in one that automatically energizes the compressor when incoming air is above a set point. The EDHUM70V also connects with a smart thermostat.

Don’t let high humidity affect your home or your health this spring and summer. Contact McGee Heating & Air Inc. today to take the next step towards a healthier and more comfortable home with a new dehumidifier.

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