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Help! There’s Water Coming From My Ductless AC System!

Fixing Ductless AC System

If you don’t eliminate the water that’s coming from the ductless mini-split in your Hartwell, GA, home, the resulting damage may undermine the system’s ability to function and curtail its lifespan. Here are a few possible reasons water is coming from your ductless AC system:

Drain Pan Damage

It’s normal for your mini-split to generate some condensation. That’s why it has a drain pan and a drain line. The drain pan should gather the condensate and give it a way to flow into the drain line. By this means, your system can dispose of excess water.

However, your drain pan can incur damage from a variety of sources. Most frequently, the pan will either crack or rust somewhere. Once this happens, the water accumulating in it can easily leak and drip onto your floor.

The solution is to ask one of our HVAC service technicians to replace your pan. This commonly happens during preventive maintenance. However, this isn’t the only drainage system issue that may cause your mini-split to leak.

Drain Line Blockage

The drain line itself may have obstructions from dust, biological material or other kinds of debris. In this situation, even if the drain pan is in immaculate condition, water will refuse to flow through the drain line and may spill over. Professionals will have to either unclog the drain line or replace it altogether.

Refrigerant Leaks

If refrigerant ever leaks from your mini-split, the temperature inside the system will fall. Therefore, it’ll be more likely for the condensate inside it to accumulate and freeze into blocks of ice. When that ice melts, you may see some serious leaks.

Water leaks are a big problem, but they need not be catastrophic. Now that you know what might be causing such leaks, you can take action. Call our team at McGee Heating & Air Inc. to request ductless AC services in Hartwell, GA.

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