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Don’t Perform Your Own Heat Pump Repairs in Hartwell, GA

Tools For Heat Pump Repairs

DIY enthusiasts find it appealing to conduct repairs and improvements in their homes. However, repairing your heat pump by yourself is a different ball game. Discover the dangers of DIY heat pump repairs in Hartwell, GA.

Put Yourself in Harm’s Way

If you have never worked on a heat pump, you might inappropriately handle some electrical connections, which could lead to electrocution. You might also puncture the refrigerant lines, causing the fluid to leak. This fluid can harm your health and the environment. To keep yourself and your household safe, allow a professional to handle heat pump repairs.

May Interfere With the System’s Efficiency

Even if you manage to repair the problem, there’s a high likelihood you’ll interfere with your system’s efficiency. You may inadvertently poke a hole or leave something loose. If you subsequently notice an increase in your monthly energy bill, you’ll know something wasn’t done correctly.

Void Your Warranty

When you buy a new heat pump, the manufacturer commits to repair it if it breaks down within a certain period after you buy it. The manufacturer also promises to replace the heat pump if the underlying problem is beyond repair.

However, they cannot repair or replace your heat pump if you choose DIY repairs, maintenance or installation over professional services. The manufacturer states these terms in the warranty document.

Will Take More Time

If it’s your first time repairing a heat pump, you may take more time to complete the job. This is because the procedure can turn out to be more complex than you previously thought. Also, you may lack the right tools for the job, making the task even more difficult.

You may create more issues, making the procedure take longer. The longer you take to repair the malfunction, the longer your household remains without comfortable air.

We’ll take care of your HVAC needs promptly and efficiently. Instead of tiring yourself, putting yourself in harm’s way and damaging your system, contact us at McGee Heating & Air Inc. for professional heat pump services in Hartwell, GA.

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