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Don’t Make These Smart Thermostat Mistakes in Anderson, SC

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If you set your smart thermostat incorrectly in Anderson, SC, you can negatively affect your indoor comfort. Unfortunately, most homeowners continue misusing their smart thermostats because they’re unaware of their mistakes. Let’s discuss some common smart thermostat mistakes and how to avoid them.

Turning Down the Smart Thermostat

To lower indoor temperatures quickly, some people set the thermostat too low and assume that the device will prompt the air conditioner to quickly lower indoor temperatures. However, turning down the thermostat doesn’t influence how quickly the AC system cools your home. The practice only makes the air conditioner run for an extended period.

The longer your air conditioner runs, the more its components undergo increased wear and tear. Accelerated wear and tear causes frequent breakdowns, which translate to increased AC repair costs. Avoid setting your smart thermostat too low or too high to prevent the HVAC system from overworking.

Installing the Thermostat in the Wrong Location

Your smart thermostat has special sensors it uses to read the indoor temperatures. The HVAC system will start working when it detects that the indoor temperatures aren’t within your preferred range.

Installing a thermostat too close to heat-generating appliances will cause it to fail to regulate temperatures correctly. This means that the thermostat will regulate your indoor temperatures based on the temperatures near it, which are different from those in the rest of the house. To avoid such a scenario, always have your smart thermostat installed away from heating appliances, cooling appliances, the kitchen, clothes dryer, doors and windows.

Failing to Read the Manual

When you buy your smart thermostat, it comes with a manual to help you understand best practices for using the device. The manual also notifies you of the practices to avoid, thus ensuring you don’t make mistakes. Failing to read the manual causes you to miss out on this crucial information.

Avoiding the discussed mistakes can help lower your energy bill and boost your HVAC system’s life. You can call our cooling specialists at McGee Heating & Air Inc. whenever your thermostat develops issues. Our team will inspect your device to find and eliminate all problems.

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