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Debunking 3 Myths About HVAC Thermostats in Elberton, GA

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Thermostats are extremely useful and powerful tools that help you craft the ideal indoor climate, no matter the weather outside. However, many people in Elberton, GA, believe incorrect things about thermostats and can’t use them to their full potential. In debunking the following three common myths about HVAC thermostats, we hope to help you get the most out of your device:

Myth 1: If You Set Your Thermostat Lower, Your Home Will Cool Faster

Amid a sweltering summer, the urge to cool your home as quickly as possible can be quite compelling. Besides that temptation working in its favor, this particular myth also carries a certain kind of superficial logical plausibility. However, it’s utterly untrue.

The truth is that modern central air conditioning systems evenly cool the interiors of the buildings in which they operate. This means that such systems will generate and pump in cooled air at a fixed rate regardless of the temperature of that air. The same principle also applies to thermostats and heating systems.

Myth 2: A Thermostat’s Location Doesn’t Affect Its Functioning

A thermostat’s location can significantly affect its performance. For example, is your thermostat near a window or in an area exposed to sunlight? If the device sits under sunlight or is in a windy area, this will influence its temperature readings.

Thus, if sunlight beams straight onto your thermostat, it might decide that your home’s indoor temperature is higher than the real reading. Therefore, the thermostat will trigger a stronger push from your central AC system than might be necessary. To prevent this, try to put your device in a neutral area.

Myth 3: Your Home Won’t Need More Than One Thermostat

In reality, having more than one thermostat carries numerous advantages. First, having multiple thermostats decreases the likelihood of an incorrect temperature reading because of a stray draft or a sunbeam. Second, if you have many thermostats, you’ll be able to divide your home into multiple climate zones and manage the temperature of each more precisely.

It’s important to have proper information regarding HVAC thermostats, as it can help you save money on your energy bills and create a more comfortable environment at home. McGee Heating & Air Inc. can install the right thermostats for you and tell you all about their workings, so call us today to take advantage of our climate control solutions.

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