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3 Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollution and How to Eliminate Them

Indoor Air Pollution

Fresh air is a necessity in every household. However, most homeowners in Elberton, GA, find it pretty difficult to fight off indoor air pollutants completely. Here are three common culprits for indoor air pollution and how you can eliminate them this fall:

Biological Growth

Microbial growth is one of the most common pollutants, especially due to the high humidity in Georgia. Microbial growth on the surfaces indicates excessive moisture in your home. Additionally, it could mean that you have a damaged HVAC or plumbing system.

Eliminating microbial growth begins with disinfecting all surfaces, especially those that are damp. These surfaces include the kitchen counters and bathroom walls.

If you have a dehumidifier, the settings should range from 40%-60%. Calling in an HVAC expert to check for leaks in the air ducts will prevent microbial growth. Also, consult a professional plumber to seal leaking sewer lines.

Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs are lethal health hazards to your household. VOC-induced air pollution primarily arises from typical home-care items, including air fresheners and disinfecting solutions. Construction materials, including adhesives, paint and wood preservatives, also contain harmful VOCs.

According to research, VOC-induced indoor air pollution could be five times more dangerous compared to outdoor air pollution. Excessive VOC concentrations damage the lungs, affecting normal breathing.

It’ll help if you avoid commodities with VOCs, including cosmetic items and insecticides. Also, discard old paint and aerosol spray containers. Most importantly, open your windows to allow fresh air into your space. Consider investing in a whole-home ventilator, too.


Radon is a leading indoor pollutant in Northeast Georgia. Pollution due to radon mainly arises from the disintegration of radioactive rock particles within your home’s foundation.

Sealing cracks on the walls and floors will help to reduce radon buildup indoors. Make sure that there are no crevices in your basement. Opening the doors and windows will also ensure healthy air.

Contact McGee Heating & Air Inc. for top-class heating system services this fall. Our experts will work to ensure healthy air quality for your house.

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