An outdated manual thermostat offers little compared to the latest smart thermostat. For this reason, homeowners in Anderson, SC, need to understand the advantages that come with a new thermostat. Here are five reasons it’s a good idea to consider an upgrade.

Reduce Energy Costs

Switching to a programmable thermostat can save you hundreds a year in energy costs. They allow you to have settings that match your schedule as well as motion detectors and heat sensors for greater control and efficiency. Further, they monitor your behavior and make adjustments according to your air conditioning needs.

Easy to Capture Data

New models of thermostats allow you to collect information about your HVAC system. They notify you when to change your filters and send alerts when your home temperature rises above or falls below the preset limits.

These thermostats also retrieve information about your energy usage. Such information is helpful when you want to adjust your current habits to save even more energy and money.

User Friendly

The latest thermostat models have Wi-Fi controls, touchscreen capabilities, digital read-outs and LED lighting. You can easily change the settings remotely through smartphone applications. These features make temperature regulation easy for different types of users.

Zoning Capabilities

Instead of treating your home as a single heating or cooling unit, upgrade your thermostat. New generation models allow you to create different temperature settings for different rooms in your home. If you prefer cooler temperatures in your bedroom than in the kitchen, it may be time for a thermostat upgrade.

Enhanced Comfort

The aim of your HVAC system is to give you the comfort you deserve. A new thermostat does exactly that by providing consistent temperatures that match your schedule. You’ll also enjoy the right amount of airflow in all rooms according to your settings.

New thermostats eliminate problems with ineffective functioning. If you need air conditioning services or are thinking of upgrading your thermostat, contact McGee Heating & Air Inc.

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