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5 AC Odors and What They Mean in Athens, GA

AC Odors

If keeping your Athens, GA, home cool and comfortable is important to you, you shouldn’t ignore any unusual odors you smell. Those scents go along with some common problems that are fixable. Here are five problematic AC odors and what they mean:


If you detect a dirty or musty odor that almost smells like dirty laundry or socks, it may be your AC condenser. The condenser can pick up a lot of particles that stick to the surface and create a foul stench. You may need to opt for some indoor air quality solutions to combat the smell once you fix the problem.


A burning smell can indicate a big electrical issue, especially if the smell lasts for an hour or longer. If you smell it for a few minutes after running the AC system, it may happen as it burns off some built-up dust.


The scent of trash or rotten garbage can happen when an animal used your AC system as its nest or home. This is very common during the off-season when you don’t use your air conditioner. Call for help as soon as you detect the odor.


Don’t ignore a sulfur smell in your home, which some call a rotten egg odor. This is a clear sign of a leak that pushed gas into the ventilation system. This odor will worsen and can even make you sick.


If you pick up an exhaust odor that smells like a car backfiring outside, don’t hesitate to reach out. This smell usually happens when a part of your AC system leaks fluids that spill onto another part. As the system runs, it produces heat that causes the odor to spread.

Ignoring AC odors is dangerous because those scents can require some expensive repairs and indicate problems that make your whole family sick. Our team has the skills needed to get rid of those odors with repairs and maintenance. Call McGee Heating & Air Inc. today to schedule AC repairs to find the source behind all the odors you smell.

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