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7 Reasons for Having HVAC Maintenance On a Spring To-Do List

HVAC Maintenance Makes Family Happy

As you prepare for warmer weather, you should have HVAC system maintenance on your to-do list. Your cooling system is likely to have been dormant during the winter season. Therefore, the spring season is the best time to inspect it. Here are seven reasons you need maintenance services performed on your HVAC system during spring in Easley, SC.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

During the winter season, your dormant cooling system collects dust, debris and other particles. Turning on your cooling system without cleaning will lead to dust particles circulating in your house. Performing maintenance on your HVAC system will include cleaning it, thus removing the dust particles and improving the quality of air in your home.

Replace Worn-Out Parts

Parts of your HVAC system may be rusty or worn, and this will compromise its functioning. As you prepare for warm weather, the spring season is the best time to schedule maintenance of your HVAC system. A professional will identify worn-out parts and replace them accordingly to enable your system to function properly during the upcoming warm season.

Change the Air Conditioner’s Filters

Regular changing of your air conditioner’s filters will improve the efficiency of your system. When you allow your air conditioner’s filter to get dirty, dust will clog in it and compromise the airflow. With spring HVAC maintenance, the system will work more efficiently during the warm seasons and serve you for a longer time.

Increase the Lifespan of Your AC System

Scheduling annual maintenance of your cooling system will increase its lifespan. When a professional performs an inspection, they’ll notice if the system has any faults that need repair. If you fail to schedule annual maintenance, minor issues in the system might build up to major problems, which will be costly to repair and decrease the lifespan of the whole system.

Reduce the Potential of Breakdowns

Mechanical and electrical problems can develop in your HVAC system during the winter season, and you likely fail to notice because the cooling unit is inactive. These problems might lead to breakdown during the summer season when you need the cooling system again. Scheduling maintenance of your HVAC system during the spring season will enable you to identify and correct the problems, thus reducing the chances of a breakdown when you need air conditioning the most.

Protect Your System’s Warranty

Most companies that sell HVAC systems require you to maintain regular maintenance to validate the warranty. When you fail to maintain your system as required, the system fails to function. When it needs repair, the manufacturer won’t pay for it.

Failure to validate the warranty will mean that repair costs will be on you, which might be very expensive. When a professional service technician inspects and maintains your HVAC system, they’ll keep it in good working order and supply the paperwork to prove to the manufacturer that you’ve kept up your end of the warranty agreement.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Maintenance of an HVAC system includes replacing the air conditioner’s filters, cleaning the system’s internal components and correcting any faults found. Regular maintenance will make the HVAC system function more efficiently during the summer season by removing dust and replacing old parts. Improved efficiency reduces energy consumption, which in turn saves on the cost of your energy bills.

Turning on your cooling system abruptly without inspection after being dormant during the winter season might lead to breakdowns. You should always schedule an inspection of your HVAC system during the spring season before using it during the summer. For HVAC system maintenance and services, contact McGee Heating & Air Inc. today.

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