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Prep Your Commercial HVAC System for Warmer Weather

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Warm weather is right around the corner in Anderson, SC, which means it’s time to prepare your commercial HVAC system for the upcoming season. It’s crucial to maintain your HVAC equipment between seasons so that you don’t experience a sudden breakdown. Read on to learn how to prepare your commercial HVAC system for the spring and summer.

Check the Air Filters

First, you should also check all air filters to ensure there are no obstructions. The commercial HVAC system relies on clean airflow to properly cool the building. If there’s a problem with the airflow, your commercial HVAC system may not work as well during warmer months, leaving you with no air conditioning when you need it most.

We recommend replacing any dirty or damaged filters so they don’t cause further problems throughout the year. You should check your filters every month, and replace them at least once every three months. The same goes for the air conditioning coils. Inspect them for any damage, and clean them if necessary to improve airflow.

Update Your Thermostat

Updating your thermostat is another way to prepare for warmer weather. If you don’t set your thermostat for the season, it could cause significant problems. An HVAC professional can update and install a programmable thermostat in your building so that you don’t have to worry about this when the weather warms up.

Likewise, if the weather is a bit chilly, you don’t want to be blowing cold air throughout your commercial building. A thermostat that can adjust automatically for this scenario will ensure that you save money on your energy bills.

Clean Around the Condenser Unit

You should also clean around the condenser to ensure that it’s ready for warmer weather. Dirt and debris can block or reduce airflow, which means your commercial HVAC system will have to work harder during the spring and summer months. If you’re not sure how to do so, you should always hire an HVAC professional for the job.

Replace Your Defective HVAC Equipment

Another thing you should consider is replacing your commercial HVAC equipment, which would include the condenser unit, compressor and evaporator. If any of these pieces of equipment break, it can cause severe problems with your HVAC system. If you notice that any of the components in your commercial HVAC need replacing, now is the time to do it before warm weather starts. The last thing you want is to require a costly replacement in the middle of summer when it’s hot outside.

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

Finally, make sure you schedule maintenance for your commercial HVAC system every year. If you notice any problems with your equipment, don’t wait until it gets hot outside to fix the problem. We can lubricate moving parts and make sure your system is properly prepped for the spring and summer.

Also, make sure you stay on top of any small repairs. Try to avoid making emergency calls for repairs as they can become unnecessarily costly.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Anderson, SC

Preparing your commercial HVAC system for warmer weather means paying attention to it. Forgetting about it until it’s time to turn it on can cost you a lot of money.

Do you want to maximize comfort and energy savings this cooling season? Contact our service technicians at McGee Heating & Air Inc. today if you want to learn how to prepare your commercial HVAC system for warmer weather. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with all of your commercial HVAC needs in Anderson, SC. You can count on us to install, repair and maintain all your HVAC systems.

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